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Print Management

Companies look for savings in all areas of business activities, also in administration departments. However, not all of them know that the main way to reduce costs and simplify administrative work is to optimize print environment thanks to Print Management System implementation.

It is a substantial advantage to have a Print Management System at your company. This solution delivers:

  • print environment optimization
  • knowledge of how much is spent on devices’ purchase and maintenance
  • reports on how many prints and copies are made, helping to make better decisions regarding devices usability or purchase
  • freedom to plan budget for prints
  • ability to define prints’ limits for employees
  • ability to lock the printer before unauthorized usage to have documents secured and costs minimalized
  • full control over prints’ costs
  • detailed information about prints’ activities
  • knowledge about the most detailed part of a document
  • connection of each device to the integrated system thanks to the unique defined agent
  • data encryption in all activity processes thanks to information security and confidentiality

What sets this system apart:

  • Devices placed in a company should be integrated into the system’s universal print driver.
  • Main worldwide producers’ devices placed in a company should be fully integrated into the print management system.
  • Having multilingual user and administrator panel relation creates significant advantage, especially in an international environment.
  • The system should have a web access to the application from any remote location.
  • Information that helps to plan present and future purchases can come from consumables storage and management.
  • Availability of professional print.
  • Print document backup and preview to see a history of activities.

Depending on the client needs, the system can be subject to an easy development and modification.

Document Management System

More and more companies are aware that looking for documents at binders takes time as they are often lost and it is ineffectual. Understanding this problem, we offer an unique scanning documents system and work on electronic documents.

Why implementing a Document Management System (DMS) is a valuable choice:

  • quick and easy access to the information about how many cases are being lead at the moment, who deals with them, what the statuses are or when they were closed
  • direct scanning from multifunctional devices and scanners
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) built into the system
  • direct document upload from computers to many destinations such as folders, e-mails, data bases, documents system
  • one time document scanning and delivering to many destination places such as folders, e-mails, data bases, documents system
  • central managements of all documents
  • advanced scanning with quality improvement
  • barcode and longhand reading
  • performing stamps on scanned documents
  • scanned document conversion to PDF, WORD, EXCEL
  • using one button to scan documents for workflow together with OCR, document form recognition and finally content and data storage in many destination places

This solution gives high class complex document solution together with system scanning and multifunctional devices.